Packaging Arrangement

This question is rather complicated, especially taking into consideration infinite variety of interior items presented by modern furniture industry. Our experts will help you not to get lost in this variety and to take right choice. It’s well-known that only few dominating elements may both accentuate the main idea of created space or destroy it. After years of our work we have created streamlined system of cooperation with dozens of furniture, accessory, decorative textile manufacturers and makers of all those products that create complete, harmonious, comfortable space. In assortment there is a great variety of furniture of different styles and prices.

1. Before start designing working project it is necessary to choose and partly order:
  • All the furniture (kitchen in the first place)
  • Working wall for kitchen (material)
  • Equipment for kitchen and bathroom unit
  • Tile for all floors and bathroom unit
  • Sanitaryware devices
  • Mixer taps
  • Moulding (polyurethane) according to approved interior outlets
  • Lighting fixtures (at least spotlight)
  • Models of doors, choose a contractor, approve samples (colors, gilding, patina)
  • Door hardware (handles, hinges)
  • Choose between wallpapers or painting
  • Parquet, parquet blocks, laminate, carpeting
  • Conditioning, ventilation
  • Heating radiator (in stylistic)

    2. In process of renovation it’s necessary to order:
  • Wall papers
  • Plinth, its decorative elements
  • Arrays for radiators, copes, fillets, wooden shelves
  • Stone items
  • Doors for built-in closets, design glasses with paintings
  • All the lighting fixtures
  • Mirrors, accessories for bathroom (together with mixer taps)
  • Stained-glass windows
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