Re-planning of Apartments, 300 Best Interiors (Special Issue 2012)

Download the article "Wave Dream" in PDF format (6 Мb) Redesigning of apartments, top 300, Special Issue 2012

Wish of the customer: creation of luxury class salon, organization of space and exposure in accordance with the requirements of the marketing strategy and brand Ravak.

Replanning: Selling room and auxiliary rooms were premeditated as it was required by the organization of the interior. In the showroom there were presented the most popular products of the Ravak company, new collection of ceramic tile and related products from other brands. Minirooms equipped with a plumbing complex have become the basis for the planning concept. The new format of exposition allows customers not only to buy a bath or shower, but complete/ fill your bathroom with matching tiles, fixtures, furniture and ceramics, using the ready design solution. Particular configuration of the ceiling, made with the use of stretch ceiling caused the complex constructive premises. the exposure with the real hot baths «Ravak Wellness Hydrotherapy» became The center of the salon, allowing visitors to appreciate the advantages of hydromassage systems of factory and choose your own individual system.

Stylistic decision: Showroom was designed in a minimalist style, supported by ultra modern design of plumbing, tile and fixtures form. Black-and-white palette, enhanced with gloss surfaces is constantly repeated throughout the exhibition. The Unusual light scenario emotionally focuses the attention of visitors on the important details of exposure and creates a unique atmosphere.
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