Best Interiors, may 2012, No104

«Almost all of the interior decorations were made according to our sketches by hand. Also the design elements of a private office were made to order. The main challenge for us, as designers, were to make symmetry and fit the furniture and decor in a complex plan of the apartment configuration, with rooms of abnormal shape, changing it with the help of redevelopment.»
Designer Nadiya Samokhina and architect Elena Didenko.

The new planning of the apartment, which was developed by designers for this project, makes a space very comfortable and logical: there were two clothing rooms in the bedroom and there appeared so much space in the bathroom that not only a moisture-tv was mounted in the wall , being perfectly fitted, but also a sauna was made. Family of customers, who make a request to the designer Nadiya Samokhina, presents the future interior of their apartment in a classic style, and certainly in a white color with gold elements. However, during the work on the project the basic concept of the color scheme of the space had changed dramatically, and black and silver became the main elements.

Strange as it may seen, customers liked this idea more than previous one.There was a contrast baroque interior with the predominance of two noble colors. Gloss floors and ceilings, crystal shine, and silver shine added to the room a special solemnity. And an intricate design of elegant furniture silhouettes dictated an unusual decision in decorating of the apartment, both in public and in the private areas. Incredible in size and configuration beds set the pitch of the room.

In one of them, there is undoubtedly a bed, covered with a silver leather, with exaggeratedly high and glamorous side panel, and sophisticated color scheme that dictates the construction of the interior. A couch, ottoman and lines of the stretch ceiling correspond to the design. Similarly, the line of stucco on the ceiling in the second bedroom corresponds to the bizarre twists of the luxurious bed, covered with purple velvet high quilted headboard in the "Capito«style. There are fantastic decor items in the bedroom according to the rich design with integrated sinks which argue with the luxury of finishing materials.

In comparison with the other premises, the office room of the owner stands out significantly and seems to have a more reserved interior. There were used handmade wood elements, and Sangiorgio natural textile wallpaper for its design . All furniture and panels were made to order from the ash in the traditional cognac spectrum by «Kare plus» company and decorated with elegant italian furniture Salice Paolo. Multivariate light scenario was developed in partnership with alter light company.

Light scenario was elaborated in a complex way, based on a classical concept, using functional and multi-level lighting fixtures euroglass. Wealth of imagination, professionalism, elegant feeling and the ability to take into account the wishes of the customer allowed the designers of the project to realize a bright and practical interior with a noble contrast and successful combination of black and silver colors.
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