Best Interiors, February 2012, No104

The customer made a request of the designer Nadiya Samokhina and the architect Elena Didenko to create a new saloon of sanitary and ceramic tiles the luxury class. The organization of a space and the saloon exposure should have met the requirements of the marketing strategy and branding of the Ravak company. The authors of the project decided to design a showroom in a modern minimalist style, keeping/maintaining the ultra-modern design of sanitary ware, tile and light fixtures. Trading hall and subsidiary rooms were designed according to the requirements of the saloon organization .

The spacial consept was based on the principle of accommodation placing of sanitary ware in mini- rooms, fully equipped with sanitary ware, furniture, fittings and accessories. Beautiful and functional designs of bathrooms were presented on the area of almost 250 m2. The new format of exposure allows visitors not only to buy a bath or a shower, but also to complete the bathroom with mixers, furniture and ceramics, using the ready-made design. The designed d?cor of the home bathroom makes exposition easier for perception and shows available line of products.

A difficult construction of the room caused a certain exposure configuration of stretch ceilings.The Ravak Wellness Hydrotherapy hydromassage bathtubs were placed in the centre of the exposure. The products are exhibited according to the module principle of «mini-bathrooms.» The conceptual design projects were developed for each model line that allows a buyer to imagine his future bathroom better and to choose his individual system. There are two areas in the hall for working with clients who have an opportunity to make an order in a comfortable conditions/in comfort. The light project with functional and multilevel lighting was designed by Nadiya Samokhina together with the Alter Light company, which gives the whole spectrum of lighting services, ranging from decorative light to industrial and special lighting.

An unusual light scenario emotionally emphasizes the attention of visitors on interesting details of exposure and creates a unique atmosphere. The waveform suspensions maintained the overall theme of water in the interior. Lamps of European companies such as Linealight, Lucente, SLV, ALT were used in the project. The speakercraft acoustic system , designed by the company «Satori City», was also used in the show-room. The laconic black and white palette, keeping the brilliance of glossy surfaces , has become a basis of colour spectrum.

The same combination of colours is present at expositions, helping to create a integral image of the whole space. Separate color insets refresh the room. According to the designer, it was interesting for her to make a zone of hydromassage in the gloss of a black color with different textures contrary to white bathes. A black stretch ceiling, which was in the form of waves and symbolizes the elements of water became the bright accent of the hall. Water theme is a traditional element in the design of bathrooms.

The unusual shape,a large oval ceiling and the effect of mirrors brought into the space a game element of infinity, which is also associated with water symbols. Naming the main challenges of the project the architect Elena Didenko says that it is necessity to play up with numerous fire communications and reinforce concrete beams on the ceiling. In addition, certain limits of exposure caused the creation of of columns and contributed to the polygonal configuration of the space. It was also necessary to place almost the whole products of the company Ravak in the trading hall. However, all these difficulties has been overcome.
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