Benjamin Moore Awards 2020 semifinalist

Villa the Grapevine

Winner of BUDEXPO-2009 in the category Best implemented house interior.
ECO STYLE novelty attracted authors with an unusual organic and pithiness, and so was used as a basis for home design project. Spacious rooms with high ceilings allowed to use plastic possibilities of stretched ceilings and lighting. Simplicity of composition, purity of lines, use of natural materials and interesting design solutions — the distinctive features of this interior. So original glass case with illuminated shelves in the studio was made by author's drawing. Total area of the mansion: 350 m2.

The finalist of “The House of the Age of Aquarius 2010” Realized design-project. 3-level apartment, total area 345 m2, new house. Ceiling height 2.8 m. An unusual task to connect stylistically different premises into united space, to tie up non-similar by nature and character interior items, furniture and finishing agents.

Neoclassic with usage of refined modeled decor, author’s stained-glass windows, made to order joinery, parquet panels, decorative dyeing and natural textile. Interior composition is subordinated to the main classic principles: symmetry, clear hierarchy of elements, balanced harmonious decision.

Modern decision of the interior similar to minimalism corresponded to dynamism of living of a young family. Conception of the apartment consisted in multilevel decisions of counter ceiling, functional lightning, light doors and floors, soft color gamma and modern finishing agents.

LIVING NATURE conception is a maximum human approximation to animate nature + considered functionality and high tech. The essence of natural environment forms comfortable living space. Natural materials are the most applied in practice, because of such characteristics as aesthetic attractiveness, ecological compatibility and eutherapeutic properties. The abundance of living plants will supplement living quarters. Multifunctional furniture due to its qualities will occupy minimum space, clearing free place for living. Systems of lighting and natural textile will create additional comfort.

Realized design project of the mansion, 400 m2. Creation of the harmonious and comfortable living space is the base of the work. This is a subtle and refined decision of an interior in keeping with the classic style of the XIX century. Lonian order is used in the decoration.

The largest single-brand showroom of plumbing in Ukraine.
An unusual form of the premises gave an opportunity to create a unique compositional decision of the exposition. It let us present all the assortment of the studio the most complete way. Total area of the project is 550 m2

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