Child’s room for the boy

Child’s room for the boy
A private room for boys is like a fortress where you can keep secrets, dreams and plans for the future.

As you know, boys are a big dreamers and are always active. The main goal of a really loving parents is to do child`s room unique,to add an element of a game and to create a truly homely atmosphere.

A child`s room for a boy is usually designed in blue, green or bright colors. It is not a surprise, because these colors make for the moral and physical relaxation. Blue is a color of creativity, in particular.

However, even here it is not necessary to run to extremes. It is better to design a child`s room in several colors in order not to look intrusive and not to become boring for a child.

Concerning the furniture, everything is quite simple. First of all the interior design of child’s room for a boy should be focused on functionality.

Boys are very mobile, so it is not necessary to overload room with great numbers of cabinets, shelves and bedside-tables. If a child has grown up, leave in his room, only the things he needs — a computer desk,a chair,a wardrobe,a sofa or a bed. All these things will save place for sport corner which filling sports equipment will depend on the age of the child.

In order to have furniture blended with interior, it is better to purchase custom to order furniture . So, instead of a regular bed or a sofa, a bed for a boy can be designed in a form of a pirate ship or a fashion car. It is necessary to take into concideration an «educational» component of the interior.All parents want their son to grow up a smart and competent young man. A child should study since childhood, so it is important to ensure the availability of books in the room such as illustrated atlases and encyclopedias. A beautiful floor globe or pictures of the most interesting natural, historical and cultural attractions of the world can be a useful thing in the decoration of the room.

Well, as you have already understood, to make a child’s room for a boy is a laborious, and it is necessary to do such design with creativity and to put your heart into this work. Specialists of the S- Studio will help you to make a room of your son a really stylish, functional and comfortable «fortress».
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