Nina Vavina

Born in 1940 in Kyiv. In 1965 she graduated from Kyiv State Academy of Arts (architect-painter). She is the member of the National Union of Architects since 1982. Now he works as a teacher in Republican Artistic college (Kyiv). She lives and works in Kyiv.

In 1986 she had her personal exhibition in the Central house of Union of Architects of Ukraine (Kyiv). Being a participant of international all-Ukrainian exhibitions and actions (architect, painting and design projects) in Russia, Ukraine, Canada and France. In 2004 she had his personal exhibition in the Central house of Artists of Ukraine (Kyiv). She is an author of numerous designs of public and private buildings, monuments, authority designs.

She works in drawing styles (painting, water-colour, and pastel). All of her pictures are filled with lyrical emotions, refined taste and virtuosity execution. Her favourite subjects — city architecture (historical monuments) lyrical landscapes.

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