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We are happy to welcome you on "S-STUDIO" web site ( Kiev, Ukraine) .

We are sure to be able to help you solve all the tasks in the area of design, engineering,as well as finishing and installation work. We are able to take all the associated problems upon ourselves."S-STUDIO" exists for more than 10 years.

The author's design of interiors "S-STUDIO" is an effective creative tandem of the architect and the set dress.

For creation of an exclusive interior development of the concept, stylization, a color score and visualization are carried out. Owing to high professionalism and art taste of authors we manage to satisfy the highest requirements of customers with which close cooperation in view of all wishes and existing norms during designing and all repair is provided.

What you have to do on the first stage is to imagine what you want and pass your thoughts to us. Our task is to make it a reality. This will require drawing up contractual and estimated documentation, value your conception, prepare the project , prepare variants of engineering systems and constructions, develop project design and taking it into account determine the variants of building and finishing materials, color and style of the location, i.e. approve your ideas documentary. Builders will base their work on these prepared and approved documents and you will control all the actions.


Our design-project includes a full set of drawings for builders:

  1. All kinds of the drawing. Development of walls, allocations of a tile.
  2. Re-planning (the plan with the sizes and an explication).
  3. The plan of an arrangement of furniture and the equipment.
  4. The plans of false ceilings in all premises.
  5. The plans of electric lighting in all premises.
  6. The plan of an arrangement of sockets on all premises.
  7. The map of the floor with the instruction(indication) of a level and types of used coverings.
  8. Development of the walls, allocations of the tile.
  9. Drawings on custom-made products.
  10. The specification of materials, selection of furniture, textiles, accessories, subjects of art.
  11. Dressing. Accessories, arts decorations.
  12. Sketches of stained-glass windows, lists, mosaics and custom-made products.
The design-project is carried out in program Auto CAD. Architectural supervision is carried out under the arrangement with the customer.

Starting with this page we will be glad to help You our future Customers, because all activities of "S-STUDIO" are aimed at bringing to life something that is currently significant to you designing ideas. You are starting a very interesting, creative and at the same time intensive work.
We wish you Good Luck!
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For the further information please contact to Nadiya Samokhina. Cotacts:

tel.: +38 (097) 3-999-333



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