Interior Design

Design-project is a pack of drawings created by professional architects. It is necessary for builders, trowel men, suppliers, manufacturers and other contract organizations to do all the work package the best possible way.

Design-project consists of 5 stages:
Planning, designing of outlines
Contractor design, specifications
Packaging arrangement turnkey
Author’s control

Approximate structure of design-project:
1. Measurements drawing.

2. Replanning (plan with measures and explication).

3. Placement of furniture and equipment.

4. Plan of counter ceiling (in all living quarters).

5. Scheme of lightning (in all living quarters).

6. Scheme of wall outlets location (in all living quarters).

7. Plan of floors including floor level and type of used covering.

8. Room scheme, tile layout. Sections.

9. Drawings of made to order items.

10. Specification of materials, furniture, textile, accessories, works of art.

11. Decorating.

12. Outlets of stained-glass windows, paintings, mosaic, made to order items.

Design-project is created in AutoCAD.
Author’s control is realized on costumer agreement.
Execution of outlet project, 3D visualization, telecommute are possible.
Initial project includes specification of ceramic tile, sanitaryware devices, ceilings, list of decoration works including materials, list of finishing of decorative framing, classification of doorways indicating required sizes, specification of marble windowsills. Project may include additional drawings necessary for realization.
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