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The implemented design project. The three-level apartment of 345 m2 in a new building. Ceiling height is 2.8 m. Lower level is private, with bedrooms and bathrooms, the middle level has the front entrance, living room, kitchen and guest bathroom, the top has SPA-area, study, bedroom, utility room. The floors are united by two staircases. Repair was going locally during the summer holiday.
Floors are united by two staircases.

Nadiya Samokhina is a member of Society of British and Design International (SBID) and the Union of Ukrainian Artists, senior of the Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture of Ukraine. She has been working in the field of design and painting more than 15 years. Specialization – exclusive interior in any style. Thanks to her works in decorating (sketches of stained glass, murals, mosaics and decorative elements of the interior), the objects acquire exclusivity.

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Interior design studio «S-Studio»
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